Observation by Jimmy Fraser: Noctilucent Cloud 2022 June 21-22

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Jimmy Fraser


Jimmy Fraser


2022 Jun 22 - 00:04


2022 Jun 22 - 14:45


Noctilucent cloud

  • Fuji XT4
  • Fuji 35mm f/2

Exposure 0.6 sec ISO 200 f/2


Alness, Scotland.

Target name

Noctilucent Cloud.


Noctilucent Cloud 2022 June 21-22

About this image

This display of NLC was visible for about 25 minutes in a cloud gap. It was brightest due north but by the time I got my camera ready that part of the sky was already lost to low cloud drifting in from the west. This photo is pointed NNE. Soon after the photo was taken the whole sky was covered in cloud for the rest of the twilight night.

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