Observation by Mr Simon Francis Dawes: The Sun AR3038

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Mr Simon Francis Dawes


Mr Simon Francis Dawes


2022 Jun 26 - 11:22


2022 Jun 26 - 13:55


The Sun

  • 125mm f9.3 Doublet
  • Herschel Wedge
  • Altair Astro GPCAM 2
  • Solar Continuum Filter
  • Mesu e200 Mount



Bexleyheath, England (Bortle 8)

Target name

The Sun AR3038


The Sun AR3038

About this image

Close-up of Ar3038. First ever image of a sunspot using this old achromat refractor which I modified specifically to be a white light Solar Scope.

- deep black velour internal tube lining (improve contrast)

- electric Crayford focuser (improve focus)

- Narrow Band solar continuum filter (Improve contrast - eliminate chromatic aberration)

- Baader Herschel Wedge (Improve contrast)

The seeing was very very poor so I hope to get better image with better conditions

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Mr Simon Francis Dawes
Mr Simon Francis Dawes, 2022 Jul 08 - 14:23 UTC

Video about making the solar telescope is available here https://youtu.be/3EwUXXNGEo8

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