Observation by Alan C Tough: Man vs Cows

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Alan C Tough


Alan C Tough


2022 Jun 28 - 00:19


2022 Jun 28 - 20:04


Noctilucent cloud

  • Canon EOS 5D Mark III DSLR
  • EF 24-105 mm L-series lens (at 40 mm)
  • Manfrotto tripod

0.8 sec @ f/5, ISO-400


Elgin, Moray, Scotland, UK

Target name

Noctilucent Cloud


Man vs Cows

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I was enjoying the sight of this beautiful NLC display when the herd of cows, which had been at the other end of the field, decided to take an interest in me and then charged in my direction! I beat a hasty retreat to the side of the field and made it across the barbed wire fence just in time. Shortly after that, one of the cows did a great snort and they all ran back up to the top of the field. Not sure who the winner was on this occasion - man or cows!

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