Observation by Brad Thomas: Barnards E - Near-Infrared 850nm pass

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Brad Thomas


Brad Thomas


2022 Jul 15 - 23:01


2022 Jul 17 - 18:52


Barnard 143
Barnard 142

Planetarium overlay



Field centre

RA: 19h39m
Dec: +10°41'
Position angle: -39°50'

Field size

1°59' × 1°19'


240secs x 150gain x 30offset - 3 hours total integration


Surbiton UK

Target name

Barnards E - Dark Nebula in N-IR


Barnards E - Near-Infrared 850nm pass

About this image

Feeling inspired by JWST and its infrared view of the Cosmos

I decided to give it a go on BA142 and BA143 using my only infrared pass filter - an 850nm IR pass

The Dark Nebula is obviously less pronounced and the "E" is not so recognisable but the "Box" is still obvious

The Stars inside the Dark Nebula are more pronouned in IR and overall I'm pleased with how this turned out

I never tried IR imaging before this and it was interesting to see how much less noise was visible in the initial stack compared to other filers and shooting under a moon and in Bortle 8 was in my opinion easier as it was only seeing near infrared

All in all a fun experiment that turned out ok

Imaging Details

Skywatcher 72ed OTA with 0.85 reducer/flattener
ASI 183mc pro main camera -10deg
WO 50mm guide scope
ASI 290mc guide camera
Skywatcher EQM-35 pro mount
DSD field rotator
45 exposures - total integration 3 hours
240secs x 150gain x 30ffset


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