Observation by Mattia Piccoli: Campbell's Hydrogen Star

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Mattia Piccoli


Mattia Piccoli


2022 Jul 24 - 19:56


2022 Jul 25 - 07:19

  • SkyWatcher Newton 200 / 800
  • EQ6
  • Barlow x5
  • ZWO ASI 224
  • L-eNhance

1.5s X 2997 frames of 3746 frames at 600Gain


Italy, Udine

Target name

Campbell's Hydrogen Star


Campbell's Hydrogen Star

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David Strange
David Strange, 2022 Jul 26 - 14:03 UTC

Many thanks Mattia for posting this image! An intriguing object I hadn't come across before. Found images and spectra taken by the late Maurice Gavin. Hard to get the extremities of this object without overexposing the central region, which you have captured remarkably well.


Mattia Piccoli
Mattia Piccoli, 2022 Jul 26 - 19:05 UTC

Thank you very much David!

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