Observation by Alan Thomas: M24 The Small Sagittarius Star Cloud

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Alan Thomas


Alan Thomas


2022 Jul 25 - 22:10


2022 Jul 26 - 10:59


Delle Caustiche (M24)
Collinder 469
Barnard 92
Barnard 93

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Field centre

RA: 18h16m
Dec: -18°28'
Position angle: +179°42'

Field size

0°41' × 0°41'

  • 42cm CDK17 corrected Dall-Kirkham f/6.8
  • FLI ProLine KAF-09000 camera
  • 10Micron GM4000 mount



Observatorio del Teide, Tenerife

Target name

M24 The Small Sagittarius Star Cloud


M24 The Small Sagittarius Star Cloud

About this image

One of the three Messier objects that are not discrete objects, the Small Sagittarius Star Cloud was discovered by Charles Messier in June 1764. 

This image, taken by the remotely operated Galaxy telescope at the Observatorio del Teide, Tenerife, makes it a little difficult for anyone unfamiliar with the star cloud (yes, that means me) to get their bearings. But it seems to show some areas of dark nebulae (Barnard 92, left, Barnard 93, right) and an open cluster (Collinder 469) to lower left.

I am enjoying playing with this telescope, courtesy of the OU's Open Learn course 'Astronomy with an online telescope'. Fascinating to be able to see further into the southern part of the sky and select objects for imaging while remaining at my desk here in Cheshire, UK.

Distance c.10,000ly. Age c.220million years.

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