Observation by Jim Tomney: Jupiter 2022-07-31

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Jim Tomney


Jim Tomney


2022 Jul 31 - 07:25


2022 Aug 03 - 15:51



  • 25cm f/6 Newtonian
  • 2.5x TeleVue PowerMate
  • ZWO ASI178MC camera

Towson, MD US

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Jupiter 2022-07-31

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Did a Jupiter imaging session to close out the month early this morning. Some anti-cyclones are visible in SSTB as white ovals (A7 preceding meridian, A5 post meridian and most prominent). Of particular interest is what seems to be a small white condensation just past the meridian and a little north of the SSTB with dark material both preceding and following it. The northern edge of the NEB continues to sport graceful festoon structures.

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