Observation by Jim Tomney: Mars 2022-07-29

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Jim Tomney


Jim Tomney


2022 Jul 29 - 09:17


2022 Aug 03 - 15:58



  • 25cm f/6 Newtonian
  • 2.5x TeleVue PowerMate
  • ZWO ASI178MC camera

Towson, MD US

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Mars 2022-07-29

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Did some imaging this morning amid average seeing conditions. At the end of the session I targeted Mars, the posted image representing 3 x 2 min videos processed in PIPP, Autostakkert, Registax, and derotated in WinJUPOS. South polar cap is hanging on but just a small dot marking the south pole. At CM of 93° Solis Lacus (“Eye of Mars”) can be seen roughly a third of the way down from the SPC. To the right of it we probably have Aonius Sinus with a couple of its finger-like projections visible. And while I need confirmation, I think that feeble “pockmark” on the bottom right near the morning terminator might actually be Olympus Mons – certainly seems to be at the right spot.

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Richard McKim
Richard McKim, 2022 Aug 07 - 11:07 UTC

Hello Jim. I am hoping you will want to share your work with the Mars Section. If so, please do get in touch. I have about a dozen observers in the USA and am always keen to have more contributors, particularly when they take such nice images. I believe I saw your work at the ALPO website?

With good wishes

Richard McKim, Director 

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