Observation by Mike Greenhill-Hooper: Cygnus Wall

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Mike Greenhill-Hooper


Mike Greenhill-Hooper


2022 Jul 27 - 22:00


2022 Aug 04 - 15:01


The North America Nebula (NGC7000)

Planetarium overlay



Field centre

RA: 20h58m
Dec: +43°47'
Position angle: +0°32'

Field size

0°57' × 1°23'

  • 770 f/7 ED TS Photoline refractor, 0.8 field flatenner on NEQ6 mount
  • ASI294MM Pro with 7nm ZWO H-alpha and SII filters and Astronomik OIII filter

10x300s exposures calibrated with darks, flats and dark flats, camera @ -10C, gain 121, offset 10


Miradoux, S.W. France

Target name

NGC7000 Cygnus Wall


Cygnus Wall

About this image

The OIII filter used was designed for visual work and seemed to filter out too much light making it difficult to obtain the normal Hubble palette colours for the image and requiring lots of stretching of the OIII images before combining.  I will next use the ZWO 7nm OIII filter (matching the H-alpha and SII filters) and hope to obtain a more classic looking image.  The images were processed in Affinity Photo. The overall effect reminds me plasticine from my childhood when you end up with a muddy ball with coloured stripes in by mixing it all together!

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