Observation by Mike Harlow: Hind's Variable Nebula

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Mike Harlow


Mike Harlow


2022 Nov 03 - 07:00


2022 Oct 29 - 09:22



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Field centre

RA: 04h21m
Dec: +19°31'
Position angle: -1°27'

Field size

0°38' × 0°28'

  • iTelescope T21

16 x 120 seconds


New Mexico, USA

Target name

Hind's variable nebula


Hind's Variable Nebula

About this image

Quick look at Hind's variable nebula to compare with Grant Privett's image of 6th October.  One of the south pointing extensions of the nebula does appear to have faded.  Other more subtle changes are probably due to differences in the exposures used and image processing...Grant's image is far less noisy than the one above.

It's also interesting to compare with Richard Sargent's animation from earlier this year when the nebula was quite different.

Note: More iTelescope images added on 2nd November giving a total of 11 x 120 seconds.

Note2: Final iteration: 5 more images added from iTelescope T21 on 3rd November for a total of 16 x 120 seconds.

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Richard Sargent
Richard Sargent, 2022 Oct 29 - 18:27 UTC

Nice image Mike. It's good to have an up to date image of Hinds to see what it's up to. I've been thwarted by bad weather and only got a couple of images since 22nd September. I will post my last image from 17th October which also shows the fading of the south extension you referred to. So that happened between Grant's image of 10th October and the 17th October.

Grant Privett
Grant Privett, 2022 Oct 29 - 21:03 UTC

Sorry I cannot help. Currently poorly plus my dome network is dead and refusing to run again. Thats another dark of the moon missed....

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