Observation by Mike Harlow: IC2149: Low resolution spectrum

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Mike Harlow


Mike Harlow


2022 Nov 21 - 00:40


2022 Nov 21 - 14:40



Planetarium overlay



Field centre

RA: 05h56m
Dec: +46°03'
Position angle: +91°41'

Field size

0°22' × 0°11'

  • 12inch F/6.8 Astrograph
  • Starlight Xpress H16 CCD
  • Astrodon luminance filter (400-700nm)
  • 26cm, 3-degree objective prism

18 x 20 seconds


Ipswich, UK

Target name



IC2149: Low resolution spectrum

About this image

A low resolution spectrum of Callum Potter's object of the month for November. IC2149 is a small but bright planetary nebula in Auriga.  So bright that in the image above, shown by tick marks, it is saturated with 15 second exposures.  The spectrum below the image shows emission images from the hydrogen Balmer series.  The brightest feature however is from OIII emission giving the nebula the green colour seen in, for example, Alan Thomas's recent image.  The is also a very weak feature near 5870A which could be due to HeI emission(?).  The spectrum of the central star isn't resolved but shows a strong continuum down to the 400nm cut-off of the filter indicating a hot star emitting plenty of blue light.

The field of view is the same for each pane above, 22 x 6 arc minutes, with north to the right.

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