Observation by David Davies: NGC 2194 Object of Interest for December

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David Davies


David Davies


2022 Dec 20 - 23:36


2022 Dec 23 - 13:50



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Field centre

RA: 06h13m
Dec: +12°47'
Position angle: -3°51'

Field size

0°22' × 0°16'

  • 10" Ritchey-Chretien telescope
  • QSI 683 camera
  • SW EQ8 mount

12 x 2-minutes RGB


Cambridge, UK

Target name

NGC 2194 December Object of Interest


NGC 2194 Object of Interest for December

About this image

The data for this object provided some experimentation using new processing tools. The observing conditions were rather indifferent, with poor seeing and some haze. So I had not a lot of data, and some of it could have been better.

I used Astro Pixel Processor (APP, on a trial licence) for the first time to calibrate the subs. I then used PixInsight to align and integrate the subs and the new Gaia spectral data calibration tool to calibrate the star colours. Finally, I used the new BlurExterminator tool to reduce the sizes of star images. Overall, I'm pleased with the results. I did a parallel process using the PI calibration tools. I've yet to make up my mind if one tool produces better results than the other.

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