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John Hughes

At the age of 13 I was bought a set of brass binoculars and pointed them to the night sky hanging out of my bedroom window. Unfortunately the view was limited to the North but it was enough to keep me interested. Now years later and a budget that stretches only slightly beyond brass binoculars I have rekindled the love of the night sky. The last 12 months during which I have been observing have shown that there is a sky to the South, its a lot safer observing from the ground and I have a very understanding wife!

I enjoy observing and imaging the Sun as well as galaxies and deep sky objects when the clouds allow.

Equipment includes a William Optics Z61, Celestron AVX Mount, Canon T3i Rebel plus the following software; Astrophotography Tool, PixInsight and Photoshop. 

Local society membership: Orwell Astronomical Society (Ipswich)

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