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John Bracegirdle

I've been using a telescope since 2018. I'm still new to astronomy but I've had a lifelong interest in science and engineering and I'm excited to learn. My humble astronomy contributions are available below:

I use the following telescopes:
Sky-Watcher StarTravel 102 on an AZ GTe mount with a ZWO ASI224MC camera
Orion StarMax 90 on a Sky-Watcher AZ5 mount with a ZWO ASI178MM camera
DayStar Solar Scout SS60-DS

Creative Commons Licence
All observations are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License copyright John Bracegirdle 2020 to present.

Copyright of all images and other observations submitted to the BAA remains with the owner of the work. Reproduction of the work by third-parties is expressly forbidden without the consent of the copyright holder. For more information, please ask a question in the Website Help section of our Forum.