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I have been a continuous member of the BAA since 1972 and since retiring as director of the Computing Section I have spent my time on a large number of astronomy-related projects.

I completed BAA Journals since 1890, Memoirs, Circulars  and Lunar Section Circulars, The Moon and the Variable Star Section reports.

I've also digitised works by Elger, Peek, Lenham and Waterfield - what amazing artists these people were.

I am the "eclipse expert" Astro-Eclipse to see the 2019 eclipse in Argentina. I also advise people and companies on eclipse tours, and have led many such tours. I have now been to 17 total solar eclipses and  visit local astronomy groups giving eclipse-related talks. I have written several books and publications on eclipses.

I run outreach events to the Open University's observatory.

Currently I only get out my telescopes when something special occurs, or to show visitors what modern equipment is capable of.

Local society membership: Open University Astronomy Club, Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society

2017 Sep 27

18:46 UTC

Recently come back from my 16th total solar eclipse. Now preparing for 2019!

I've posted 3 of the dozens of images I took.

Copyright of all images and other observations submitted to the BAA remains with the owner of the work. Reproduction of the work by third-parties is expressly forbidden without the consent of the copyright holder. For more information, please ask a question in the Website Help section of our Forum.