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Dave Hancox

Hi I have a wide range of interests in astronomy Meteors, Aurora, Comets, Deep sky and NLC's. Imaging with 102mm Triplet. I am a volunteer at the Scottish Dark Sky Observatory and founding member of Doon Valley Astronomy Project an informal Facebook group. I am looking to get more from my observations. I Recently became a volunteer for the CfDS im my local area. Darken Doon Our Skies

2019 May 12


2019 Apr 11


2019 Mar 31

2018 Jun 26

20:44 UTC

Some Moon observations using 2.5x Barlow  using ASI capture software and Autostakkert 3 best 25% of 5000. My interest here was the SCHILLER crater

2018 Jun 7

2018 Jan 9


2018 Jan 7

2018 Jan 5

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