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David Conner

My interest in astronomy began in the late 50’s with a certain television program.  My main interests are the Moon, deep sky and variable stars.  As a dyed in the wool visual observer I much prefer photons which have traveled across the universe to those which have come from the nearest computer screen. 

That said, I am currently working on a ccd photometry project observing eclipsing binaries.  This combines observations made with the late lamented Bradford Robotic Telescope with observations made from my own observatory near Melton Mowbray (with a 2” refractor) to construct their complete phase diagrams.  As a by-product of this I have discovered 21 variable stars, including 2 eclipsing binaries.

Giving talks on various astronomical topics is something I enjoy doing, as is being involved in public observing sessions with various groups.  Now that I have persuaded my ccd set-up to operate more or less reliably I hope to get on with completing my bucket list of seeing all the Messier objects!

Local society membership: Melton and District Astronomical Society, Leicester Astronomical Society.

Copyright of all images and other observations submitted to the BAA remains with the owner of the work. Reproduction of the work by third-parties is expressly forbidden without the consent of the copyright holder. For more information, please ask a question in the Website Help section of our Forum.