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Name Type Mag Constellation Right
Declination Number of
Name Type Mag Constellation Right
Declination Number of
Abell cluster 3219 Galaxy cluster 17.3 Reticulum 04h05m-65°35'0 images »
Abell cluster 3230 Galaxy cluster 17.3 Reticulum 04h11m-63°41'0 images »
Abell cluster 3231 Galaxy cluster 17.3 Reticulum 04h11m-64°35'0 images »
Abell cluster 3244 Galaxy cluster 17.3 Reticulum 04h18m-60°48'0 images »
Abell cluster 3248 Galaxy cluster 17.3 Reticulum 04h21m-65°02'0 images »
Abell cluster 3251 Galaxy cluster 17.3 Reticulum 04h22m-63°48'0 images »
Abell cluster 3261 Galaxy cluster 17.3 Reticulum 04h29m-60°19'0 images »
Abell cluster 3272 Galaxy cluster 17.3 Reticulum 04h32m-59°41'0 images »
Abell cluster supplement 396 Galaxy cluster 17.3 Reticulum 03h48m-64°33'0 images »
Abell cluster supplement 417 Galaxy cluster 17.3 Reticulum 04h03m-65°57'0 images »
Abell cluster 3147 Galaxy cluster 17.4 Reticulum 03h37m-62°35'0 images »
Abell cluster 3209 Galaxy cluster 17.4 Reticulum 04h02m-53°30'0 images »
Abell cluster supplement 430 Galaxy cluster 17.4 Reticulum 04h10m-57°59'0 images »
Abell cluster supplement 460 Galaxy cluster 17.5 Reticulum 04h27m-62°18'0 images »
53110 1999 AR7 Asteroid 20.0 Reticulum 03h14m-59°23'0 images »
C/2016 N6 (PANSTARRS) Comet Reticulum 03h43m-65°06'161 images »
NGC1641 Open cluster Reticulum 04h35m-65°45'0 images »
IC1979 Double star Reticulum 03h36m-57°56'0 images »
IC2011 Double star Reticulum 03h52m-57°28'0 images »
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