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Observation by Andy Wilson: chi Cyg 8th August 2016

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Andy Wilson


Andy Wilson


2016 Aug 08 - 20:58


2016 Aug 09 - 19:03

  • Altair Astro RC 250
  • Lhires III spectrograph 2400 l/mm
  • SXVR-H694

1800 seconds


Yatton, Somerset

Target name

chi Cyg


chi Cyg 8th August 2016

About this image

Spectrum of chi Cyg from 8th August compared with a similar spectrum from 2nd June. chi Cyg brightened from just below 10th mag to nearly 7th mag over this time period and is shrinking as it brightens. I am looking for the appearance of the H alpha emission line. This should be appear near maximum light and is related to a hypersonic shock wave that passes through the photosphere.

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