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Observation by Tony Rodda: HD181096 Flux Comparison

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Tony Rodda


Tony Rodda


2016 Nov 23 - 20:19


2016 Dec 07 - 14:40



  • C925 (0.63) with CGEM
  • ALPY600 with calibration module
  • Atik460EX mono

Newcastle (TRO)

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HD181096 Flux Comparison

About this image

This is the spectrum for a Miles comparison star HD181096 (taken as a standard for observations on WZ Lyr) and the spectrum from the Miles database itself both of which have been flux calibrated using a Simbad V filter value of 6.0.

There's generally good agreement from 380nm up to about 620nm but there's a divergence thereafter the reasons for which could be due to either an error in the camera response curve or perhaps the star's mag in the R band at 5.7 (and I band at 5.5). That is, it's actually dimmer in that regime but I haven't been able to accommodate a second value in my comparison.   (That last bit is just thinking aloud).

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