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Observation by Tony Rodda: V725 Tau during outburst

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Tony Rodda


Tony Rodda


2016 Nov 23 - 20:30


2016 Dec 07 - 16:29



  • C925 (0.63) with CGEM
  • ALPY600 with calibration module
  • Atik460EX mono

Newcastle (TRO)

Target name

V725 Tau (X-ray binary)


V725 Tau during outburst

About this image

Some of you may have seen the recent notices recently from TA, BAA, AAVSO, et al regarding the Be star in the high mass X-ray transient AO535+26/HDE245770.

I took this on 23/11/2016, roughly midway between Periastron (16th) and the final coverage date requested (2/12/2016).  That is, at the onset of the X-ray outburst following the optical brightening expected at Periastron passage.

Nothing like the usual O type star spectrum (either using a nearby Miles star or a Pickles O9V as instrument responses).

The flux calibration can't be taken seriously as the star brightens from it's usual 9.39 V mag in that regime at this point.  

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