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Observation by Tony Rodda: YZ Cnc

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Tony Rodda


Tony Rodda


2016 Dec 21 - 20:36


2017 Jan 01 - 20:56



  • C925
  • ALPY600
  • Atik460EX
  • CGem


Target name

YZ Cnc


YZ Cnc

About this image

A BAA and AAVSO alert notice had highlighted an expected (super)outburst of YZ Cnc.

At an estimated mag around 12.3 (Gary Poyner, et al) I thought I'd have a go at capturing a spectrum.

Two runs with a few hours in between shows a rise in flux to outburst.  Not particularly good SNR but starting to see results.

These spectra aren't normalised.  That's just the result (using a hot blue star to calibrate) and shows the flux domination of the disc in outburst with a few emission lines (?).  Not sure whether there's enough real signal to extract meaningful information but it's another step forward.

Captured and processed in Demetra and presented using BASS. 

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