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Observation by Peter Meadows: Near Earth Asteroid 2017 BH30

Uploaded by

Peter Meadows


Peter Meadows


2017 Jan 30 - 02:17


2017 Jan 30 - 22:53

  • iTelescope T21



New Mexico, USA

Target name

2017 BH30


Near Earth Asteroid 2017 BH30

About this image

Asteroid 2017 BH30 make a close pass of the Earth on 2017 January 30 at a distance of about 50,000 km. The 180s exposure iTelescope image started at 02:17 UT when 2017 BH30 was at mag 14.9 travelling at 460” per minute and at a distance of just 0.001 AU (150,000 km).

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Richard Miles
Richard Miles, 2017 Apr 03 - 03:39 UTC

Well done, Peter.

Watch out for the arrival of 2012 TC4 potentially bright on the evening of 2017 Oct 11 as seen from the UK. Have copied your result to the ARPS Gallery.

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