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Observation by Jeremy Shears: Waverton long pendulum experiemnt

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Jeremy Shears


Jeremy Shears


2017 Feb 15 - 12:00


2017 Feb 15 - 15:36




Waverton, Cheshire

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Waverton long pendulum


Waverton long pendulum experiemnt

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Today I visited the venue of the BAA weekend meeting (Sept 15-17) at Chester, along with BAA Meetings Secretary Hazel Collett and members of the Chester AS who will be hosting us. It's looks a great venue! We were also lucky enough to visit the location of the long pendulum experiment which Chester AS Chairman Andrew Bate (in the photo) has been running for several years in the Parish church at Waverton, Cheshire. For more information about Andrew's experiment, see his JBAA paper:

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