Observation by David Arditti: Venus night-side 2017 March 02

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David Arditti


David Arditti


2017 Mar 02 - 18:36


2017 Mar 03 - 02:25



  • 356mm SCT f/11
  • PointGrey Grasshopper 3 camera
  • 990nm Asahi long-pass filter

2s exposures for 4 minutes; best 75% stacked


Edgware, Middlesex, UK

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Venus night-side 2017 March 02

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The night side of Venus can be observed to glow thermally in a window in which the venusian atmosphere is transparent around 1000nm. It is necessary to greatly over-expose the bright crescent to show this, as I have done here. Some small contrasts can be seen on the night side and comparison with the relief map suggests the darker areas may correspond to the depressed areas of Sedna Planitia and Guinevere Planitia (purple areas in the relief map).

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