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Observation by Kevin Gurney: Redshift in quasar 3C 273

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Kevin Gurney


Kevin Gurney


2017 Mar 25 - 03:05


2017 Mar 30 - 20:46



  • Celestron 8SE
  • Alpy 600
  • Atik 630EX
  • AZ-EQ6
  • 0.63 FR

3 x 10min subs


West Sheffield

Target name

3C 273


Redshift in quasar 3C 273

About this image

3C 273 is a quasar at around 2.5GLy away with a published redshift of 0.15. Since learning to use the Alpy spectrograph I have wanted to observe the cosmological redshift of a distant object, and this quasar is a classic 'testbed' for doing this as I believe its the brightest of its type. However, it was a challenge for me because, at mag 13.0, in West Sheffield suburbia, the signal in the spectrum  was getting lost in the skyglow lines. I eventually got something useable after binning at 2x2 (trying 4x4 next time).

Comparison of the smoothed spectrum with professional data shows (I think) a reasonably good match of the main features and my estimated redshift was close to that reported there.

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Nick Atkinson
Nick Atkinson, 2017 Apr 12 - 09:23 UTC

Well done and who would have thought this was possible with amatuer equipment

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