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Observation by Jeremy Shears: iPhone image of the Moon

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Jeremy Shears


Jeremy Shears


2017 May 04 - 20:00


2017 May 05 - 09:09


The Moon

  • Skywatcher Heritage 130p Dobsonian
  • iPhone 6
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iPhone image of the Moon

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Last night I was helping a 10 year old girl, who is is mad keen on astronomy, and her family to use her new 130 mm Dobsonian. We all enjoyed fine views of the Moon and Jupiter (first view of the Galilean moons and belts on Jupiter for all of them!). We then took photos with the iPhone. Small fingers helped to press the screen to focus and to take the pic, whilst I held the phone as steady as I could (not easy!).

Great fun was had by all!

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