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Observation by Jeremy Shears: Spring cleaning

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Jeremy Shears


Jeremy Shears


2017 May 13 - 14:36


2017 May 13 - 14:38




Spring cleaning

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With a spot of warmer weather, I decided to do a bit of a spring clean in the observatory. It's amazing how much dust and detritus accumulates. Not to mention spider webs!

Since posting I have been asked what the kit is:

Celestron C11

Takahashi FS60C

Vixen 50 mm illuminated finder

Gemini Telescope Systems G41 Observatory Plus equatorial

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James Dawson
James Dawson, 2017 May 13 - 16:55 UTC

That's a very tidy set up - literally :)

Jeremy Shears
Jeremy Shears, 2017 May 13 - 18:24 UTC

Thanks James. It's amazing what a duster and a damp cloth can do! Neither of which got anywhere near any optical surfaces I hasten to add!

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