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Observation by Andrew Ciavarella: Saturn and three moons

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Andrew Ciavarella


Andrew Ciavarella


2017 Jun 16 - 23:00


2017 Jun 17 - 23:20



  • 254m reflector
  • 9mm ortho. + 1.6x barlow

Taunton, Somerset

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Saturn and three moons

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Left to right moons are: Enceladus, Tethys and Dione. 

Unclear if darkening on N. limb was a glimpse of shadow of planet on rings or was terminator on Saturn itself. No interesting features detected in the belts and zones of the planet. Enceladus only just picked up.

I haven't sketched Saturn in a long time, in fact not since it's southern hemisphere was presented. This sketch was made on a good night's observing in which, for the record, I also put into action a plan to begin variable star observing.

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James Dawson
James Dawson, 2017 Jun 18 - 08:16 UTC

Last night was the first time I'd ever been convinced I could have had a go at sketching, as the seeing from Nottingham was so steady. I have to add I didn't actually do any sketching, but seeing this sketch makes me think I should give it a go. A lovely hand drawn representation of this marvelous world. Nice work.

Andrew Ciavarella
Andrew Ciavarella, 2017 Jun 19 - 21:54 UTC

Thanks James, very kind. I've got to say "yes do give it a go" don't I!

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