Observation by Mick Nicholls: Sun 18th June 2017

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Mick Nicholls


Mick Nicholls


2017 Jun 18 - 06:42


2017 Jun 20 - 18:30


The Sun

  • 40mm Double Stack PST
  • DMK21 camera
  • 2x barlow
  • HEQ5 Pro Synscan GOTO mount


Target name

Sun in H-Alpha


Sun 18th June 2017

About this image

This image is a 20 pane mosaic taken with a 40mm double stack PST H-Alpha scope and a DMK21 camera. Each frame of the pane is made up from a AVI each AVI is about 400 frames. The exposure for the AVI capture was 38th of a second, gamma set at 40 and gain at 260. A flat field was taken and applied to the mosaic as well as an artificial flat field applied during processing.

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