Observation by Dominic Ford (site admin): Noctilucent Cloud

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Dominic Ford


Dominic Ford (site admin)


2017 Jul 02 - 00:00


2017 Jul 02 - 13:36


Noctilucent cloud

  • Canon EOS 750D

15 seconds at ISO 100


Lund, Sweden

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Noctilucent Cloud


Noctilucent Cloud

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I got distracted by work last night, and just as I was heading to bed at 2am CEST, I noticed that the northern sky had lots of odd-looking bright streaks across it. Having been a southerner until recently, I'd never seen noctilucent clouds before, but it was fairly obvious what they were. I was struck by how bright they were - I could see them out the window without turning the light out. They persisted for an hour before fading into dawn twilight.

You can see the full-resolution images here: http://photos.dcford.org.uk/index.php?path=e73c9f6e9b0c477518fb3d081d8e124a

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