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Observation by Dr Ollie Garrett: IC1396 The Elephant Trunk

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Dr Ollie Garrett


Dr Ollie Garrett


2017 Aug 13 - 01:53


2017 Aug 14 - 20:58


The Elephant Trunk (IC1396)

Planetarium overlay



Field centre

RA: 21h35m
Dec: +57°28'
Position angle: +86°20'

Field size

1°13' × 0°56'

  • 115mm f7 APO refractor
  • NEQ6 mount
  • SBIG STF-8300M CCD
  • SX Lodestar and SX Off Axis Guider
  • Baader 36mm unmounted filters in SX USB filter wheel

Sulphur II: 3 x 1200 secs, Hydrogen Alpha: 3 x 1200 secs, Oxygen III: 3 x 1200 secs


Dartmoor, UK

Target name

IC 1396 The Elephant Trunk


IC1396 The Elephant Trunk

About this image

Subframes captured between 21:24 (12-8-17) and 01:53 (13-8-17) UTC.

SQM reading (at 23:14 UTC) of 19.99 - light pollution from an 80% waning gibbous moon.

Ambient temperature: 13 degrees C

CCD sensor temperature -20 degrees C

Seeing (Pickering Scale): 7 (Good)

Transparency (AAAA Scale): 5 (Clear)

Data acquisition and processing software: Nebulosity, PHD and Pixinsight.

One of my favourite objects and part of an ongoing project to create a large mosaic of the surrounding nebulosity. More subframes are required but this working image does reveal some fine detail.

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