Observation by Tracie Heywood: Recent light curve for CH Cygni

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Tracie Heywood


Tracie Heywood


2017 Aug 14 - 11:26


2017 Aug 14 - 11:33


Variable star

  • 11x80B
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CH Cygni


Recent light curve for CH Cygni

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Here is my light curve for CH Cygni since the start of 2016.

The CH Cygni system contains two stars. One is a semi-regular variable showing roughly periodic brightness changes. The other is an eruptive variable which shows erratic changes. The two combine to produce a very interesting light curve.

For most of the time, the brightness variations can be followed using binoculars. However, CH Cyg did briefly fade to around mag 10.5 in 1996. It also reached mag 5.4 in the early 1980s.

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