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Observation by Callum Potter: Total solar eclipse 2017

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Callum Potter


Callum Potter


2017 Aug 21 - 16:22


2017 Aug 28 - 16:14



  • Canon 600D
  • Canon 70-300 lens at 300mm

Video mode


Long Creek, Oregon, USA


Total solar eclipse 2017

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Our target town for viewing the eclipse was the city of Long Creek in Oregon. About 90 miles from Pendleton where we stayed overnight before and after the event. The school in the town had organised camping and parking pitches for visitors to the area with all profits going to school funds - so a worthy cause.

Expecting heavy traffic we left Pendleton at 5 am to give us plenty of time - in fact the traffic was light but steady and we arrived at Long Creek around 7 am. The school had their canteen open for breakfasts so fresh coffee was very much appreciated. The eclipse was due to start around 9:08 local time, with totality duration of 2 minutes.

For the eclipse I was using my Canon 600D with zoom lens at 300m, on a Star Adventurer Mini (SAM) mount.

Although I had practiced setup at home, tracking on the day was not so good - probably due to inaccuracy locating North. (and yes I had set the latitude).

But the Sun was kept well enough in view for the whole of totality.

I used best quality video mode available. 

Weather was pretty well perfect for the entire morning - and really hotted up in the afternoon. Traffic was much worse on our return to Pendleton - taking about three hours.

The image here is from a short clip of totality stacked and processed using Lynkeos.

You can view a short video of the event on YouTube at:

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