Observation by Tracie Heywood: Light curve for 2017 maximum of T Cephei

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Tracie Heywood


Tracie Heywood


2017 Aug 25 - 23:00


2017 Aug 29 - 10:34


Variable star

  • 11x80B
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T Cephei


Light curve for 2017 maximum of T Cephei

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Here is my light curve for the spring 2017 maximum of the Mira type variable T Cephei.

This was a fainter maximum than in recent years. The extreme range of T Cep is 5.4-11.0, with the average peak being around mag 6.0.

Noticeable once again is the prolonged "pause" near mag 8.0 during the rise to maximum. T Cephei has always shown a brief pause at this stage in its rise, but whereas it only used to last for a week or two, those in recent years have last for 2-3 months. Following each pause, T Cephei has always "made up time" to reach maximum more or less on schedule.

Minimum brightness is due to occur during October, with the next maximum predicted for late June 2018. If a pause occurs once again in 2018, this will probably kick in at around the end of January.

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