Observation by Robert James Stuart: M13 guided

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Robert James Stuart


Robert James Stuart


2017 Aug 31 - 23:15


2017 Sep 01 - 20:14


The Great Globular Cluster in Hercules (M13)

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Field centre

RA: 16h41m
Dec: +36°25'
Position angle: +56°40'

Field size

1°08' × 0°45'

  • CGX mount with Starsense
  • NexGuide autoguider
  • Vixen VC200L f9
  • Nikon D800

4x 300s exposure stacked in DeepSkyStakkert


Rhayader Mid Wales

Target name

M13 globular


M13 guided

About this image

Following on from unguided exposures on the CGX mount, this was 4x 300s iso 200 guided exposures with NexGuide auto guider, Moon was quite bright, sky background light even at this unearthly hour! Star images are small and round, no sharpening has been applied to this image, just exposure contrast and saturation. The CGX and NexGuide combination with 60mm f4 guidescope (with 2x barlow giving 480mm focal guide length) has worked very well and has produced a decent result even with the bright sky. I will try longer exposures and up ISO to 320 to boost image without to much gain in the noise

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