Observation by David Arditti: Observatory cats

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David Arditti


David Arditti


2017 Sep 26 - 16:19


2018 Jan 22 - 00:46



  • Canon Ixus 70 camera

1/40 f3.5


Edgware, Middlesex, UK

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Observatory cats

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Following my Sky Notes talk to the 2018 January 20 meeting, there has been some interest in the cats I mentioned. Here they are. The building to the right is the run-off roof shed housing my Celestron 14" SCT and other telescopes, and to the left is the run-off shed housing my Celestron 11 and Hyperstar imaging system. Some of the cats are standing on one of the wooden rails on which the run-off roof used to run. When I took this photo in 2017 September I was in the process of replacing these as they had become rotten after 14 years' service. The cats were first discovered living under the sheds and decking after I returned from visiting the USA for the eclipse of 2017 August. Three of the kittens have now been re-homed. Any offers for homes for the remainder are appreciated.

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