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Observation by Richard Miles: Observatory takes shape

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Richard Miles


Richard Miles


2017 Oct 18 - 16:00


2017 Oct 18 - 16:06




Observatory takes shape

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Finally able to set up mount and fit the upper two shells of the observatory.

The flanges on each side butt together when fully slid closed but until I finish fabricating a 'U' shaped cover out of stainless steel that wraps around these two flanges to exclude the weather, it is still not ready.

Lower section now needs to have panels fitted too ... Watch this space ...

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Jeremy Shears
Jeremy Shears, 2017 Oct 18 - 18:02 UTC

Looks like you are nearly there, Richard! Best of luck with finalising the obsy.


Nick Hewitt
Nick Hewitt, 2017 Oct 19 - 17:15 UTC

doubles as a barbeque?

Alex Pratt
Alex Pratt, 2017 Oct 19 - 21:34 UTC

Hi Richard,

Your replica of the Apollo lunar module is really coming together. What size of 'scope will it accommodate?


Denis Buczynski
Denis Buczynski, 2017 Oct 20 - 18:20 UTC

Hi Richard what instrument is going it there, a Paramount and what else?


Grant Privett
Grant Privett, 2017 Oct 23 - 21:03 UTC

Will you paint it green to make it blend in or are you more worried about the contents overheating?

Nice piece of work. What scope will live inside?

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