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Observation by Richard Miles: Observatory enclosure nears completion

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Richard Miles


Richard Miles


2017 Nov 10 - 17:30


2017 Nov 10 - 17:39




Observatory enclosure nears completion

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Well, first light can't be far away now! One last panel to fit on the base unit.

Have solved my manual handling issue by fitting two handles to the larger (eastern) clamshell and constructing a plywood 'table' that attaches to the side of the base unit onto which the clamshell slides. The 'table' has guides each side so the clamshell slid back in place at the first attempt!

I would say the key element of this design that makes it viable is the 'U' cross-section stainless steel fabrication that clamps the flanges of the two clamshells together and prevents the weather reaching the innards. Today the joints on this were TIG welded - so finally the project is approaching completion. Have temporarily taped over most of the joints between the facets before I give the upper section its finishing touches.

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