Observation by Martin Ratcliffe: M31 Nova November 13

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Martin Ratcliffe


Martin Ratcliffe


2017 Nov 13 - 03:28


2017 Nov 13 - 03:28


The Andromeda Galaxy (M31)

  • C-14 Edge HD
  • SBIG 2000XM

5 x 2 minutes


Valley Center, KS, USA

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M31 Nova November 13

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Image of recently discovered nova in M31, taken within 24 hours of discovery. Stack of 5 x 2 minute exposures, Clear filter, SBIG ST2000XM set at -5 deg C. Image stacked in AIP4WIN and processed with PhotoShop, levels, curves, and high pass filter. Nova announced in ATEL #10955 in images by the WIYN telescope on Kitt Peak. Nova located approximately 66" N and 12" W of the center.
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