Observation by Robert James Stuart: First light ZWO planetary camera AS 1178...

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Robert James Stuart


Robert James Stuart


2017 Nov 29 - 21:00


2017 Dec 02 - 11:39


The Moon

  • OOUK 25cm f 6.3 Newtonion
  • ZWO AS 1178 MC camera
  • Celestron CGX mount

25ms exposures x 500



Target name

Area around Clavius


First light ZWO planetary camera AS 1178 MC

About this image

500 x 25ms exposures with ZWO camera, 3144 x 2096 pixels, 25cm f6.3 Newtonian, processed in AutoStakkert and best 50 shots stacked (seeing IV to III) and processed in Registax (wavelets) and then Photoshop re highlights and contrast.

In the original Rima Birt is readily visible, with the lenticular widening noticeable, which shows promise for exposures when the seeing is steadier, and some additional magnification applied

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