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Observation by Richard McKim: Saturn's southern ring face

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Richard McKim


Richard McKim


2018 Feb 01 - 20:45


2018 Feb 01 - 20:46



  • 410 mm Dall Kirkham Cass.
  • x265 and x410

Upper Benefield, Northants.

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Saturn's southern ring face

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Richard McKim
Richard McKim, 2018 Feb 01 - 20:53 UTC

With the north ring face on view at the present time, here's a moment in time from nearly exactly half a Saturnian year ago when the planet was so well placed for observation from the UK. We shall have to wait a few years until we can see it so well again! I always have the impression that the STB of Saturn is less prominent than the NTB, though it is not often that you can observe them both at the same time. With Jupiter it is very often the other way round.

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