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Observation by Len Entwisle: 2.1 x 54 EWA Binoculars

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Len Entwisle


Len Entwisle


2018 Feb 08 - 19:43


2018 Feb 08 - 19:44




2.1 x 54 EWA Binoculars

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Binoculars made from Nikon TC-E2 Teleconverters mounted in a 3D printed housing.Inspired by a thread on Binoculars on Cloudy Night Forum

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Ray Emery
Ray Emery, 2018 Feb 08 - 20:42 UTC

Len - out of interest, what's the full gen on these bins? - Cheers, Ray.

Len Entwisle
Len Entwisle, 2018 Feb 08 - 21:24 UTC

There is a super long thread on these  bins here . I purchased the Nikon TC-E2Tele Converters as new items from 2 different Ebay sellers for less than a total sum of £40 back in early 2017. My youngest son acquired a 3D Printer back in March so printed the housings for me. from information in the thread. The Nikon lenses were in excess of £100 each when first marketed but fashion moved on to DSLRs so prices  fell right down.

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