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Observation by Ron Palgrave : First successful composite of Uranus and...

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Ron Palgrave


Ron Palgrave


2018 Feb 09 - 20:36


2018 Mar 02 - 20:50



  • 14 inch Meade LX200
  • ASI224MC
  • Near infra red filter 685nm

North East England

Target name

Uranus and its brighter moons


First successful composite of Uranus and moons

About this image

My first composite of two correctly exposed images, planet and satelites. Actually moons still overexposed so as to register the faintest. Miranda swamped by overexposed planet so not recorded. Planet was imaged in near infra red 685nm and the north polar hood just detectable . Satellites imaged in white light. Looking forward to next apparition,when will use ADC.

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