Observation by Mel Gigg: Cone Nebula Widefield in HA

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Mel Gigg


Mel Gigg


2018 Feb 11 - 23:00


2018 Feb 18 - 13:40


The Christmas Tree Cluster (NGC2264)

Planetarium overlay



Field centre

RA: 06h40m
Dec: +09°50'
Position angle: -0°06'

Field size

5°28' × 4°22'

  • Atik One 6 camera
  • Samyang 135mm lens
  • 5nm HA Filter

10x 15 minutes @ F2.4


Witney Oxfordshire

Target name

Cone Nebula NGC2264


Cone Nebula Widefield in HA

About this image

Testing my new 135mm lens and 5nm HA filter combo with the Atik One 6 camera from my light polluted back garden in Witney, I'm very pleased with the result for the total of 2.5 hours of capture.

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Jeremy Shears
Jeremy Shears, 2018 Feb 18 - 14:35 UTC

Amazing detail, Mel! 


Graham Winstanley
Graham Winstanley, 2018 Feb 18 - 18:49 UTC

Wow! That really passes the test.

Mel Gigg
Mel Gigg, 2018 Feb 18 - 19:22 UTC

Thank you Jeremy

Ray Emery
Ray Emery, 2018 Feb 18 - 21:36 UTC

Cracking stuff. I have been contemplating going down the h-alpha filter route, but my other half may have other opinions! What is the 5nm filter you are using?

- Ray E. -

Mel Gigg
Mel Gigg, 2018 Feb 21 - 23:00 UTC

Thanks Ray, I'm using a 1.25” Astrondon 5nm HA filter in the built  filter wheel of the Atik One 6, I also have the 3nm OIII filter and  I'm glad I bought them a few years ago when they were a bit cheaper.


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