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Observation by Alan Snook: Comet C2016 N6 PanSTARRS

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Alan Snook


Alan Snook


2018 Feb 17 - 20:45


2018 Feb 19 - 20:55



  • 0.5m Dobson-mounted Newtonian
  • 8mm Ethos eyepiece x260


Target name

C2016 N6 PanSTARRS


Comet C2016 N6 PanSTARRS

About this image

This is a small, faint and inconspicuous object. Planetarium websites are suggesting it is 11th mag. That is a massive overestimate. I estimate the brightness at no better than 14m. It could be held in view with direct vision.

 The comet looked like a round mist with a fairly definite edge. It doesn’t fade out to nothing. It is a 2 or 3 on the standard DC scale. Diameter estimated at 0.6 min. There is no coma. The observed motion is to the NNW at about p.a. 25 degrees.

 Aircraft vapour trails were a nuisance during the observation on February 17.      

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