Observation by Nick Hewitt: A binary black hole - OJ 287

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Nick Hewitt


Nick Hewitt


2018 Mar 07 - 22:00


2018 Mar 10 - 10:35


Barnard 92

Planetarium overlay



Field centre

RA: 08h54m
Dec: +20°07'
Position angle: -176°38'

Field size

0°53' × 0°42'

  • 115mm TMB APO f7
  • Starlight Xpress Trius 814
  • EQ8

2 x 300s bin2x2


Billing, Northampton

Target name

OJ287 - an AGN in Cancer


A binary black hole - OJ 287

About this image

A tricky object to observe but a fascinating one. It is a BL Lac object that has shown marked outbursts over the 120 year period of observation. At some 3.5 BILLION light years, it is probably the furthest I have probed. It is currently around magnitude 14.8. It is thought to be a binary black hole, with an astonishing mass of 18 billion solar masses. No, I can't imagine that either!

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