Observation by Simon Dawes: Messier 1

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Mr Simon Francis Dawes


Simon Dawes


2018 Mar 07 - 23:00


2018 Mar 16 - 22:43


The Crab Nebula (M1)

Planetarium overlay



Field centre

RA: 05h34m
Dec: +22°01'
Position angle: +8°12'

Field size

0°36' × 0°23'

  • Sky Watcher MN190
  • Canon EOS 600D (Full Spectrum Mod)
  • CLSCCD clip-in filter
  • EQ6

67x 60s exposures


Bexleyheath, Kent (S.E. London really), England

Target name

Messier 1


Messier 1

About this image

A clear and cloudless night with a super dark visual magnitude of 4.6, astounding for light polluted Bexleyheath. I spent some of the night outside the observatory with my 12" Dob testing the new setting circles I've designed, safe in the knowledge that the full moon was many days away, so no chance of a werewolf attack, which was lucky because my wife, Liz, had used all the garlic in the mushroom risotto she had made for dinner.  I’ve yet to see a werewolf so suspect the whine of the motors on the EQ6 must keep them away, Skywatcher really should include this in their advertised features as it really does seem to work, I’ll keep monitoring the situation but I don’t think I’m brave enough to turn off the EQ6 especially as we’ve no garlic left…   

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Mr Simon Francis Dawes
Mr Simon Francis Dawes, 2018 Mar 17 - 09:22 UTC

Reading this, this morning, I realise what a fool I've been thinking garlic would protect me from werewolves, at least the EQ6 seems to keep them at bay. :-)

Peter Mulligan
Peter Mulligan, 2018 Mar 17 - 14:14 UTC

Hi Simon you could also try hanging onions around your neck and drawing a cross on your forehead, that  should  help to keep the blighters away!


Mr Simon Francis Dawes
Mr Simon Francis Dawes, 2018 Mar 17 - 14:57 UTC

Thanks I'll consider that next time it is clear!

Stephen Floodgate
Stephen Floodgate, 2018 Aug 26 - 12:12 UTC

Oh dear Simon I am now afraid for your safety, Silver nitrate is the only thing to keep werewolves away and to kill them you need a silver bullet or you need to decapitate the head from the body. So it must be the noisy mount that is keeping them away as I know there are plenty of werewolves up the Broadway most nights (well there seems to be a lot of howling going on up there).  Crosses and Garlic are for Vampires so at least you should be safe from them.

Keep safe


Mr Simon Francis Dawes
Mr Simon Francis Dawes, 2018 Aug 31 - 06:44 UTC

Thanks for the Advice Steve, I`d never considered Silver Nitrate before, I always though that was just put in the movies to appeal to the scientists, but I've been stocking up on it from the dark web (where else), however, I'm still convinced the drive is what's keeping them away as I haven't seen any yet.

I recently installed the very well made Rowan Belt Drive Kit and the grinding noise has stopped! This is a massive flaw in the design IMHO, luckily there is a fix, before you do anything to modify the drive, record the noise it makes, I then keep the recording handy and play it on my phone whenever I get cold chills or hear strange noises.


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