Observation by Tracie Heywood: Light curve for Y Lyncis

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Tracie Heywood


Tracie Heywood


2018 Apr 24 - 17:45


2018 Apr 24 - 17:51


Variable star

  • 11x80B
Target name

Y Lyncis


Light curve for Y Lyncis

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Here is my light curve for the semi-regular variable Y Lyncis since the start of 2015.

Y Lyncis is usually listed as having a magnitude range of 6.6-8.3 and a period of about 110 days. It is listed as being of type SRc (red supergiant stars with amplitudes of about a magnitude) and a spectrum of M6S (intermediate between M-type (TiO bands) and S-type (ZrO bands) )

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