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Observation by Jeremy Shears: Double peaked meteor

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Jeremy Shears


Jeremy Shears


2018 May 09 - 01:10


2018 May 10 - 09:58



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Field centre

RA: 04h36m
Dec: -61°18'
Position angle: -88°26'

Field size

0°06' × 0°04'

  • Watec 902H2 ultimate videocam

Bunbury, Cheshire

Target name

Double peaked meteor


Double peaked meteor

About this image

My automatic video camera caught this double-peaked sporadic meteor, that is to say a meteor with two peaks of brightness during its passage through the Earth's atmosphere. The UFO Analyser software actually identifies it as two separate meteors, but I am certain it's a single object as it appears in every frame of the video. I've captured a few "double-peakers" before, but none quite as extreme as this one!

The meteor was travelling from top right to bottom left. 

This is from my north-facing meteorcam.

There is a discussion on double-peaked meteors on the BAA Forum.

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Alex Pratt
Alex Pratt, 2018 May 10 - 19:56 UTC

Hi Jeremy,

It looks like my NW camera recorded the same event, although the meteor was near the edge of my FoV, so unfortunately I only recorded one of the trails.



(It won't let me add the pic here. I'll try on the Forum).

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